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Sunday, September 09, 2007



Hi Pink,

I love watching Hitchens talk and debate. He certainly isn't as 'dignified' or restrained (if those are the right words) as Dawkins, but the man is an encyclopedia of quotes, knowledge, politics, and history. He is awesome to watch in full flow.

Can you find a link to the video of the speech you talk about in this post??


Hey Pink,

I found your site after looking for info related to Steven Pinker's chapter in the book "Intelligent Thought." Thanks for your thoughts!

Elika Kohen

I think anyone from any religion would agree that you don't need religion to be a good person.

That's not the point of religion.

Being a good person is a great investment in this life, but being a pious person is something argued to be more significant than simply being a "good person". Piety is intended to transcend these 120 years and have eternal impact, not to just have impact during our lives here.

There is a big difference between being a good person and a righteous one. Even "good people" have someone looking over their shoulder--its called "the law".

The human hope is that these 120 years or so isn't just it. And if it isn't "just it", then whatever we do must have consequences that transcend the temporal and impact what is above. That is the essence of religion.

If we choose to remove the concepts of piety from society, then by extension we have to address our mortality. We can spend our lives investing in piety for a future existence, or we can deny the concept of our future existence and engage in senseless frivolity since there really isn't anything worth investing our entire lives into. That is one big slippery slope to go down. In order to really clear the air about the existence of God, we would have to prove beyond a shadow of doubt that there is no life after death. And that will be kind of hard to do as we are already bringing people back through our own sciences, albeit pretty limited.

As far as Hitchens' challenge? There is one ethical act. Faithfully living your life according to what God commanded is an ethical act that only the beliving can perform. By definition, if any immoral person engaged in that, they could not rightly be considered immoral.

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