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Friday, August 19, 2005



My boyfriend (from Holland via text) has come out with some corkers and cannot understand why Im not talking to him?!;
"okay babe hope the hospitals not too horrible..have a goodun"...have a goodun!!!!
"Good luck with the chemo, its raining here and got soaked so had a crappy day myself"
"I know your angry but remember this is hard for both of us, Im having trouble sleeping"...aw widdums
"Boiling hot and sunny here, going down to river for a bbq. Hope the op went well, have a goodun"
"Oh babe its been a hard hard year for us both. You have cancer and Im not where I want to be career wise"

Barb (BBB)

My sister and I got into a huge fight because she thinks that I need to just get over it. I finished treatment almost two years ago and it is just dragging me down thinking about cancer all the time. She will never understand.... as a triple negative breast cancer survivor maybe after I hit that magic 5 year mark I will but it is still on my mind every moment of every day.


I can't believe how many of these stupid comments I heard during both bouts of breast cancer. The comebacks were my favorite! LOL FUNNY!

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