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Friday, August 19, 2005



Hi Kristi:

Everytime I read them I laugh outloud.
I can't even imagine ever saying that to
someone let alone a cancer survivor.
I love my grandmom died of that "Oh really"

Love Mom


This is so true!!! I hear those comments daily.... Thanks for posting I will call you tomorrow.XOXO


This is great - I had missed that thread on YSC and now I'm laughing! I have to put a link on my blog to this...thanks for sharing. :-)


I have followed your blog ever since Kristina directed me here a month ago. Haven't posted before since I am one of those 'old' breast cancer patients [when did 46 get old?]

My personal favorite reaction was from Dave, a colleague and [now former] friend, who after the initial "OH NO!" went on to say "So to be pragmatic here, who are you giving your clients to?"

Thank you for sharing! I need these smiles wherever I can get them these days.

april r

Thats why I love you so much, you and I are alike in so many ways. Were a tell it like it is! Those comments are exactly what I think. amen sistah


I love these :-) I got a lot of "if you had to have cancer, breast cancer is a good one to have" so I'd tell them "I was really hoping for prostate cancer but it wasn't available." Miss you.

Tricia Reynolds

:( Thankyou really. It makes me so sad when people want to tell me of those they know that have died from cancer. Saying it ate them up real bad was one idiot. Or people like my mother in-law who thinks sending me an uplifting story of how someone was special before they died of cancer would uplift me. Gosh and I thought it was the cancer that was making me sick. The doctors said I would die in 8months it has been 6 years of living with this cancer since that day and now everyone thinks I should be celebrating when I have tumors bulging in numerous places out of my body.
Thanks for your list of stupid things people say. Who needs them I would rather talk to my dog.

Polly Williams

Hello. I read with great interest these comments from well-meaning but tact-challenged individuals when they approach a cancer patient/survivor....
Here's one for ya...don't you just love it when someone comes up to you...an acquaintance..who is aware of your situation...and each time they see you all they want to talk about is CANCER, CANCER, CANCER!!!!
Will never forget this question...
"Now, when your cancer came back, did it come back in the original site or did it come back elsewhere in your body?"
How long will you be on treatments?
Where are you having your treatments?
How often are you having treatments?
Gee it must be hard on you having a recurrence. Most people don't have a recurrence...
(Guess I'm the LUCKY exception!)
Do they give you your chemo intravenously or do you have a port?
and on and on and on.....


Ummm ....when I saw the title of your website I clicked on it hoping to find some humors comments I could make to my sister-in-law who is in her final stages of melanoma, perhaps something that might give her a well needed chuckle...I was dissapointed to find such a beautiful young woman who seems to be so very angry..I wish you well ( or does that warrant a F-U reply?)

blog author, kristi

This message is for Shilo who wrote the above comment. If she decides to come back and read this I would like to know why she thinks I'm so angry?
Is it this post or something else on the website?

The 41 things not to say to a cancer patient are a compilation of what different women have heard that have breast cancer. We know people mean well, but unless you are in our situation you don't and can't understand. We think some things that are said are insensitive, some funny and some outright ridiculous. So we discuss.

I don't know how this post comes across as angry at all..most people think its funny.

I'm sorry about your sister-in-law.

Maybe your upset because your one of those people that say those stupid things to cancer patients..i don't know.

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