> RFTC St. Louis

Cindy, Susan, Me, Laura, Tracy & Dana getting our happy hour on!
Laura, Me, Larissa..happy hour thursday
me and tracy thursday night
Susan & i think i'm  totally hammered! cary is doing something in the background
thurs nite..sandra, dana, laura, susan
Tracy video taping my drunk ass!
thurs night antics ..tracy's husband showing the jealous guys downstairs that he has ALL the women!
Dana getting ready for her SIS tattoo
Tracy's cute pink highlights, nancy and laura
Tracy, Susan, Kristi C & Nancy at the tattoo pallor
Laura's Tat before coloring is added
i wana be a cowgirl!  jason & larissa at tattoo pallor
Group shot at the tattoo pallor
St. Louis Arch
Porkchop & Larissa
Laurel & Tracy looking Hot waiting for the Metro friday night
sandra's boobies!!
Laurel, Nancy, Larissa, Susan @ hooters
Susan & Me at Hooters Friday night
Pink Fountain
Kristi C
Race Day!
Race Day..Larissa & Nancy
Susan & Me...oh, and erik being weird in the backround
Eric's sign...we love him!!!
walking sisters!
April, Jason, Cary..race day
SIS by fountain
Dana's Finished tat